October 07, 2023

Anna Clifford has been crafting wine for over two decades. With a degree from UC Davis, Anna's career then took her to renowned wineries in Napa, Sonoma, and even New Zealand, where she participated in numerous harvests at some of the world's most illustrious wine estates.

Anna and Peter serendipitously crossed paths in New Zealand in 2016. Their instant connection blossomed over a shared passion for both horror and wine. They had their first chat in the kitchen at a party, where they playfully argued about who'd do better in a zombie apocalypse!

The result? Final Girl Wines, a fusion of their two beloved interests- wine and horror


At Final Girl Wines, the focus is on collaborating with vineyards in America's finest and most renowned AVA's. They carefully select vineyards committed to sustainable, biodynamic, or organic farming practices, and their winemaking process emphasizes minimal intervention, yielding small-batch wines. Their diverse range of high-quality, approachable wines ensures that there's something to please every wine lover's palate.